Turkey Brining Secrets with Alton Brown From “Good Eats” on Food Network

Try brining your bird to enhance the flavor: http://www.foodnetwork.com/videos/turkey-brining-secrets/866.html

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47 Replies to “Turkey Brining Secrets with Alton Brown From “Good Eats” on Food Network”

  1. So here's something you should consider before you brine your bird with a bunch of different spices and herbs. If you intend to use the renderings from your bird to make your gravy, the flavor your gravy will be heavily influenced by them. And trust me it can be very distasteful and ruin an otherwise well intended meal with a flavorful turkey dinner.

  2. Trying this recipe for the first time. Left out the ginger and allspice and accidentally grabbed chicken broth. Hmm oh well it'll be a turchicken flavor. Sounds good still.

  3. Even though this was posted in 2009 I definitely agree with other commenters on how did we get away from shows like this or better yet how did we go from this to about 90% of what Food Network shows now? If I see another episode of Cupcake Wars or Halloween Wars I'll punch my tv!! What happened to shows like Good Eats, Emeril Live, Molto Mario, 30 minute meals, $40 a day, the original Iron Chef, Ready..Set..Cook, Sara's Secrets, even Dinner/Restaurant Impossible was decent, and so on and so on. Hell I'll even settle for Secrets of a Restaurant Chef with Anne Burrell.

  4. Also, when I make a big brine like this, I put the stock in the fridge and only use about 30% of it to dissolve the salt and sugar.

    Then I pour in the cold stock and it gets it to around room temperature.

  5. i am 55years old. grew up hating turkey i watched this on good eats i tried it at my mothers that thanksgiving. it was great everyone loved it. the next year my mother called and asked what i did the year before i told her. she did it. since then we have good turkey thanks

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