Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy (For 6)

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37 Replies to “Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy (For 6)”

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  2. Laura you are so amazing! I tell every single person I know how much you are my role model and inspire all my cooking! Your recipes are seriously the best out there. Thank you for always sharing with us 🙂

  3. Thank you, Laura. I think that you left tape or something on the turkey. It was a redish color, near the bottom. I have a suggestion for those cooked veggies … you could use them in a turkey soup. Perhaps it's the Virginia boy in me talking. I do live in the Washington, DC area.

  4. I'm NOT giving you a hard time at all! Like you say in most ALL your videos: "You do YOU!"….But as for that SMALL amount of stuffing you made….lol -I could eat THAT all by MYSELF without ANY help from my family!!!!! Stuffing is the BOMB!!!! 💚💚💣💥💚💚😁

  5. Hi Laura! Thank you SO much for this video. Your words at the end were truly touching and brought tears to my eyes. What a challenging year it’s been. I appreciate you posting modified versions for thanksgiving since it will just be my fiancé and I. May god continue blessing you’re beautiful family ❤️

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