Tuscan Bean Soup – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 226

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50 Replies to “Tuscan Bean Soup – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 226”

  1. Made it today and it turned out really yummy and comforting! And although I omitted the garlic due to my troubled stomach and used dried sage because I didn't find fresh at my local market, the taste ended up great! Thank you your wonderful videos which overflow with your positive energy! Lot's of love from Greece.

  2. This recipe is soooo good ! It was my lunch today, quick, simple and delicious ! Thank you Laura! Β You should ask Joe to add a "Recipe Done" button to each recipe on your webiste, like the "Like" button on Facebook, it would be funny ^^Β 

  3. I made this this way then I made it again with italian tomatoes and wowza wowza definitely punched it right up. LOVE cannellini beans!!! I even blitz them in the processor with some parmesan and garlic, sprinkle some lemon, salt and pepper and just eat them with some tostitos lol. Obsessed with these beans!

  4. @donnie8986 im not sure i understand why anyone would hate this young lady? no i dont like all of her recipes, but i like most of them and shes done nothing to anyone to deserve to be hated…just my opinion

  5. @kimbab2012 that wasn't suggesting. thats insulting. she's so young yet u said shes 40 years old omg. so someone who is 12 is now 30? LOL u need to get your eyes and mind checked.

  6. @kimbab2012 research before posting stupid comments, she's around 20 years old and she's got a job. sometimes she even bring her food to work for her friends at work. and btw why are u watching her videos and not going to school or work.

  7. OH I am loving the soups(this one is especially great!)….I live in the southwest and I am pining for cold weather to enjoy the great soups you make , thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey everyone! There will always be haters, no matter what! Let's make sure they don't affect Laura and she continues to delight us with her super yummy cooking ^.^

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