Ultimate Classic Chicken Marsala

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29 Replies to “Ultimate Classic Chicken Marsala”

  1. Sorry Laura, I wash my mushrooms and let them set in a strainer for an hour and I have no problem with my recipes. Love your recipes. Also, I love the intro music.

  2. This video popped up this morning and all I saw was chicken Marsala , I said to myself I have Marsala and only thighs , what do you know I can make it! Say hi to papa Sal!

  3. I didn't notice at first the intro was gone. My mind was locked in on the fact, chicken marsala was being made! I had to go back to see that in fact it was gone 😒, I love both whatever one stays I wouldn't be disappointed. Loved the recipe ❀️

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for the great recipe! I wonder if you can continue to introduce all ingredients at the beginning. I normally get everything ready before watching the video so I feel like we are cooking together! ❀️

  5. Nice tips..ty. My first vid, The β€œhi guys” made think, no.. I can’t listen but now, it’s so endearing.. love u, great cook, great mom. Perfection πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Hi Laura, I love the color of your Dutch Oven and Braiser. Is it the Meringue color by Le Creuset? Also, I'm on the fence as to which sizes I should get. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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