Ultimate Family Style Stuffing

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36 Replies to “Ultimate Family Style Stuffing”

  1. AND I always come back to this channel when the food really needs to count for special occasions. Your instructions and guidance are so easy to understand. Thanks for being there!

  2. Made your mashed potatoes this past Saturday for early Family Thanksgiving! It was ALL GONE!!! Philly Cream Cheese, who new?! It was the best, thank you for the recipe! 🍗🥣

  3. That stuffing looks amazing! I also love that you have your daughter cooking with you. That's what I remember, cooking in the kitchen with my grandma and mom. I am now I share cooking holiday meals with my own two girls!

  4. Laura, have you ever made this a day ahead of time, covered it and refrigerated overnight ? It would me an excellent time saver if you could prepare and assemble in advance, and then pop it in the oven an hour or so before serving.

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