Unlikely heroes commended after motel fire in Wadena

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Published Sunday, August 12, 2018 6:41PM CST

Last Updated Sunday, August 12, 2018 6:42PM CST

Four comedians became heroes in the town of Wadena as they saved a building from burning down.

Dylan Williamson and his friends Kelly Taylor, Benjamin Baus and Dustin Williamson were on their way home from their show in Stenan. As they passed through Wadena when they saw that a motel was on fire.

They immediately pulled over to help.

“It’s just one of those things you never think you’ll ever see is like a house on fire,” Dylan Williamson said. “If we were a minute later it would have been up.”

The group said they ran toward the building yelling and banging on the windows. They located a fire extinguisher and started putting out the fire.

The group also had jugs of water they used to douse the fire. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

Harold Narfason, the Fire Chief from the Wadena Fire Department said they prevented a disaster that could have been much worse.

“They need to be commended,” Narfason said. “They did a fantastic job, Just typical Saskatchewan good samaritans.”

All nine guests in the Blue Willow Inn were evacuated safely.

Thanks to the actions of this group of comedians, the motel is safe and open for business.

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