Vertical Layer Cake 🎂 DAN CAN BAKE IT CHALLENGE #5

Challenge #5: Make a Cake with Vertical Layers

We challenged Dan to make a cake with VERTICAL layers so that when he slices into it, everything is on its side! 😮

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16 Replies to “Vertical Layer Cake 🎂 DAN CAN BAKE IT CHALLENGE #5”

  1. Love your commentary, my man. It adds a lot to the 'feel' of the recipe. And it's even harder to replicate without the feel lol. Especially I bake gluten and dairy free… <3 you cake bro!

  2. In celebration of the MLB All-Star 2018 being held at Washington DC's National's ball park. How bout a cake that has the MLB All-Star 2018 logo, with the red, white and blue colors around the cake. And mini flags representing the teams.

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