We Tried All the Maruchan Ramen Flavors | TASTE TEST

Are you a ramen enthusiast? 🍜🍜

On this week’s #TasteTest, we’re trying ALL of the Maruchan ramen flavors and taking it back to our college dorm days!

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24 Replies to “We Tried All the Maruchan Ramen Flavors | TASTE TEST”

  1. try a soup sandwich. easy to make. open top of pouch take out packet and hot hot water. count to 30 empty water and open packet and unfold the noodles then add your fav. mine was p butter. lil hot sauce and crushed chips. then fold back into sandwich like shape and enjoy. great way with new twist.

  2. I am visually impaired and cannot follow these taste test videos because you do not always say the name of the product before you start talking about it. Please be very clear so that I can enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  3. You forgot the new cheese flavor. I found it at the store recently and cringed after double checking that I did indeed see CHEESE flavored ramen. I wouldn't try it if you paid me.

  4. When I make ramen, I don't put the vegetables, I put in fresh veggies like cabbage, long beans cooked in the powder then poured on the ramen. When 3 minutes have passed, I just mix them together.

  5. I’m sorry but if ur feeling sick and a pack of high sodium instant noodles makes u feel better then you weren’t actually sick

  6. HEY THERE! Love food network! check us out we are uploading a delicious new recipe in the next 10 minutes of European Sandwiches that are to die for ans super packed with garlic!

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