Why I’m a White Nationalist (14 Reasons)

Here are my 14 reasons why I am a White/European Nationalist. White Nationalism is merely the concept of promoting White identity and advocating White interests, it has nothing to do with supremacy or hatred. You cannot let an ideology be defined by its enemies.
1. I believe in our right to exist as a distinct people and take pride in our identity, as I do for all races
2. The beauty of White women must not be allowed to perish from the earth.
3. The idea of White children being vastly outnumbered by non-Whites in their ancient homeland breaks my heart.
4. I fear extinction more than I fear being labelled ‘racist’ ‘bigot’ ‘fascist’ ‘nazi’ etc.
5. I want my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to look like me.
6. I am sick of having European identity stolen by outsiders.
7. All cultures and people are not equal, some pose a direct threat to my people.
8. I hate feeling like a foreigner in my own country.
9. I hate seeing the ethnic replacement of all European people in our ancestral land.
10. I owe it to my ancestors to safeguard what countless generations of our people fought and died to defend.
11. I have not fallen for the anti-White propaganda that is pushed by media, schools, government etc.
12. All unique species and sub-species need their own territory to survive. White people are forbidden to have their own living space, we are forced to have ‘Diversity.’
13. I reject the New World Order of a single race, single government, John Lennon styled dystopia.
14. I love my family and my race is my extended genetic family, I will always put the interests of my people first.
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