You’re Eating Cereal Wrong | Food Network

Keep cereal crunchy with this breakfast-saving hack.

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22 Replies to “You’re Eating Cereal Wrong | Food Network”

  1. I get a cup of milk instead of a bowl, add a handful of cereal , wait a couple seconds, & scoop it out. The cereal doesn't stay in the milk long enough to get soggy but does absorb some of the milk.

  2. I seriously live off cereal, pretty much eat it more then any other thing. I Usually just put a small amount of cereal in my bowl with a little bit of milk. Then I just keep adding fresh dry cereal as I eat . Pretty much same concept as the one in this by. My husband always hears me adding more and more cereal making him think I just had 10 bowls of cereal.

  3. 1. Pour milk into bowl
    2. Sprinkle on some cereal
    3. Add more milk and more cereal
    4. Throw it all away, because in the morning you need a good, healthy meal with proteins and lots of vitamins, not some shitty dessert which is basically a sugar.

    you`re welcome

  4. Dan you didn't quite get there with this tip. How about pouring milk in first and then pouring cereal on top of the milk. Even better, put milk in a cup and cereal in another cup, a spoonful of cereal dipped in milk and into your mouth. That will give the greatest bite evrytime.

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