Zaatar Roasted Chicken | Episode 1052

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  1. Laura, take the pita bread, spread a little olive oil all over it, then add the zakhtar on top
    thick or thin layer, place in oven for a few minutes, take out and enjoy. Grew up with all this wonderful Armenian food. You can also just add the oil and spice and eat as is too!!!!

  2. Adding a side dish along with the chicken recipe is a great idea! I'm gonna try this for sure, it looks truly packed with flavours:)
    If you like mixed spices I suggest you check Ras-el-Hanout I believe it's a Moroccan blend. It's absolutely delicious!

  3. Laura you can make your own zaatar version… Dried thyme (the larger leaves) not the persion one .. Sumac , toasted caraway (grounded), cumin , salt , some people add another spice which i dont know in english called ( ein jarada) , some people also like to add some extra tang with citric acid powder(not a fan) but if you wanna try it by all means just do that…after you are done with all these blends. Put some generous amount of toasted sesame seeds and then a few drops of extra version olive oil (just 2-3 drops) and rub them within your hands for a few seconds to make zaatar extra flavorful and more greenish .. And always taste if you need extra salt. LOVE YOU

  4. Please continue with these types of videos. Your taste level is impeccable so it makes sense to see your recommendations. Also, on a side note, I love that you often use chicken thighs over chicken breasts. Thighs are not only more tasteful but are more economical for most families! I appreciate your videos and know they work. Keep up the great job!

  5. i'm Lebanese…nice to see you using middle eastern spices. Mix olive oil with zaatar spread on pizza dough crust and bake in oven until golden brown…THen you will have something called Mana2eesh. delicious !!!!

  6. This was awesome. I only had tomatoes, avocados and sliced bread. So I ended up making this chicken with sliced tomato and avocado and toasted bread. Avocado had siracha and black pepper and salt and tomatoes had salt and pepper. The meal was yummy! I also did the zaatar by hand. Many recipes are found online but I use equal parts dried thyme, dried marjoram, dried oregano, and sumac. So yummy!

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